Why I am building Prodivy

Ash Lal
November 30, 2020

Like most people, my days are consumed by screens -- either a phone, a computer, or a television. According to a recent study, on average in the US, people spend 8 hours and 31 minutes on the web. If there are 300 million people in the US, that's 2.4 billion hours spent online every single day -- just in the US!

If you ask people where their share of this 2.4 billion hours is going, I'd bet they don't have a good idea. During work hours, you'll be switching between calendar, docs, mail, perhaps Slack, and a bunch of other tools depending on your job. And increasingly, some video conferencing tool -- Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. You'll also be inevitably distracted and hop onto Amazon, Facebook, and god knows what else.

Our most valuable resource, they say, is our time, but we don't know where and how we spend it. Mint neatly categorizes every penny that comes in and out of my accounts, and Fitbit tracks every step I take. But my time is swallowed up into an ether I know nothing about.

I'm building Prodivy to help people understand and optimize where their digital time goes, focused especially on time spent at work. I hope you find it helpful, and thank you for giving it a try.

Ash Lal
Ash is the Founder and CEO of Prodivy. He was a Product Manager at a large technology firm before starting Prodivy.

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